Monday, February 24, 2014


It's been quite wet in Salisbury. The meadows have been fulfilling their purpose as meadows and have been underwater. The town path to Harnham was largely impassable at times in January.

It's not so bad now. The path is passable, but the meadows are still flooded.  The Old Mill had water lapping right up to the very top of the retaining wall - but fortunately it didn't go any further than that, and the levels have dropped a bit now. Here are photos from The Old Mill on Sunday morning:

We had a lovely stay at The Old Mill. We were meeting Jeanette, Matthew, Rebecca and Evie for lunch on Sunday, together with Gwen. I had fondly assumed that there wouldn't be a problem getting a table at the Old Mill for a Sunday lunch, relatively early on a Sunday in February.  I was mistaken!  The Old Mill has introduced a Sunday spit roast since we were last there which has proved to be extremely popular.  Three different people tried hard to arrange things so that we could have a table in the restaurant. All three gave up.  No worries, said I.  Maybe we could eat in the bar.  No problem with that at all.  And when we returned at around 12:00 to nab a table - we discovered that they had pushed two tables together, set them for lunch, and put a reserved sign on for us.  You can't complain about that.  You can't complain about the food either. It was lovely!

It was, in fact, an excellent end to my five weeks' holiday. All that eating, drinking and merry-making in several different time zones, finally completed with outstanding eating, drinking and merry-making back in the original time zone.

It wasn't so much a shock to the system having to get up nice and early this morning.  We've pretty much been awake at that time, whichever time zone we've been in over the past few weeks.  What was more of a struggle was the whole getting up and being purposeful.  We managed it, but it required concentration!!

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