Monday, February 03, 2014

80th Birthday Celebrations #2

You find us in Simon's house this morning. It's quite early, Monday. Simon, Bethan and Jacob are getting ready to go to work and school. The Builder is loitering in Yvette's bed (but panic not -Yvette isn't here; he shared it last night with me and, from time to time, Noodle the Groodle). We are here because Stella and Tony are in the spare room in the flat. And they are in town because yesterday was Stella's actual 80th birthday and they, their children and any spare passing partners all met at GGs for a celebratory lunch.

Click on Stella and Tony to reach the photo album

I topped and tailed the day with nice walks.  Around the city in the cool of the morning with Lindsey and Ian, then around the Merri Creek and the Yarra River with Simon, The Builder and Noodle in the heat of the late afternoon. Noodle enjoyed a swim in the Yarra. But swimming in the Yarra is not a recommended activity for humans (dangers of underwater hazards drowning you and/or snakes biting you) so we cooled down on our return to the house with beer and wine.
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