Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mostly Gifu, some Nagoya, a bit of Mizohu-shi

What to do in Gifu if you have already done the castle?  Go to Nagoya!

We met Austin at Gifu station, Kaori and Tatsuki having decided that they would prefer to have a quiet day at home. The train was DELAYED!!! This is unusual in Japan but there were very strong winds and the trains were all running to a restricted speed. And our express train was reduced to a stopping train.

No matter. We got there and embarked on what was effectively a shopping trip. We did the electronic stores. We did the department stores. We had curry for lunch. We went to Noritake Gardens to admire the china and pretty things. We went to the pub for iridescent cocktails. And then we went back to Austin and Kaori's place en route to the pizza place for tea

Austin, Kaori and Tatsuki stayed at the hotel in Gifu overnight on Sunday. I think Tatsuki was very excited by this, by the plethora of iPads and iPhones, by the games of chasey and all the other fun things to do and to play with. Austin reports that he (Tatsuki) didn't finally go to sleep until after midnight. Lindsey, The Builder and I had no such trouble and were happily snoozing by then.

Lindsey and I went for a pleasant walk along the river on Monday morning before we all met for breakfast. Then we all made our way back to Mizuho-shi for a potter about and a spot of lunch. Then The Builder and I made our way, alone together for the first time since we had arrived in Melbourne, for the trains back to Osaka Airport. It seemed quite odd to be by ourselves. We had got used to having travel companions and people to play with!

We got to the (right) airport and stayed overnight in the (right) airport hotel. This time we had a view out over the water. And now we are airside, waiting for our flight back to the final (and original) time zone. Yet another whoosh of time has passed by extremely quickly.

Osaka airport has a huge, huge shopping area. Zillions of shops, squillions of restaurants and cafés. Until you get airside where there is almost nothing!!! So if you are passing through Osaka, eat and shop before you come airside, unless you specifically want duty free. And make sure your electronic devices are charged up. There are no power points airside. Most unusual in a modern airport. There is free wifi, but it is painfully, painfully slow.

There is an online album for Japan but there is no chance of linking to it here.  I'll put a link up when we get home.

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