Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jet Lag

The general thinking is that jet lag is worse if you travel East rather than West. Something to do with the body clock having to advance itself, I believe.  I have found that it doesn't much matter which direction you go in - jet lag is worse when you are going home. When you travel through the time zones for business or leisure, when you get to your destination there are things to do, people to see, activities galore and lots of meetings around food and sometimes drink.  When you get home there isn't much that is particularly exciting to do, and you fall into bad habits.  So after Tabitha, Gareth and Cally went home, we too fell into bad habits, such as dozing off in our chairs in front of the tv. Except that we were sleeping rather than dozing. And then when we went to bed, we were awake again in the middle of the night, because we had more or less had enough sleep.

There are a few advantages to waking up at 2.30 or 3.30 inthe morning.  I tend to get bored lying in bed not sleeping and with  nothing to do. So I get up at around 4 and get loads of things done. Washing; ironing; tidying; clearing; cleaning. So much accomplished. The disadvantage is that I am ready for a glass of wine and a spot of lunch by around 10.30. Which would be fine - if we were in Athens, where it is lunchtime when it is 10.30 in Tupton. But we are in Tupton, not Athens and it's way too early.

And then the sorry saga carries on, because by 8 o'clock or so in the evening your body is convinced it is bedtime.

So it was quite a pleasure this morning, after something of a disturbed night, not to wake up until 6am, which is still early for some, but is a tad late for us!  We're  at the Old Mill in Salisbury and couldn't nod off to sleep in the evening because we were dining on some lovely food in the restaurant.   Thus we went to bed at our usual time. The night was disturbed because it was a bit hot in our room, and because The Builder had some nasty leg cramps overnight. These do beset him from time to time but haven't done recently. I fear the people in the room below us may also have had a disturbed night.  It was the ancient floorboards creaking as he walked around trying to shift the cramps which woke me up!

I have to get onto local time tomorrow. I'm back at work after five weeks off. This is likely to be something of a shock to the system!!!
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