Friday, February 14, 2014

Daintree Rainforest

Neither The Builder nor I had ever been to the Daintree.  We had a free day, so Lindsey booked us all on to a day trip to go exploring.

Darryl, our guide, picked us up from the motel at 7 in the morning and we joined a small and select band of him, we three, Jenna from Canada and James from Ireland and set off adventuring.

We boardwalked in the Mossman gorge.

We strolled along pristine beaches along the Coral Sea.

We had lunch in a rainforest.  Barramundi for me and The Builder, Kangaroo for Lindsey.

We took a boat along the Daintree River to admire crocodiles (and a beautiful Nankeen Night Heron).

We admired the beach at Cape Tribulation (poor Captain Cook didn't have a good time at Cape Tribulation!).

We had ice cream made with exotic fruits, including wattle seed which tasted faintly chocolatey and soursop which tasted faintly lemony.

We made a stop to admire the mouth of the Daintree from on high.

We called briefly into Port Douglas so Jenna could say she had been.

We got back at 6 pm after an excellent day adventuring.

It was a great day and Darryl was a superb guide.

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