Thursday, February 20, 2014

Flying home

I have a feeling that Air France takes Singapore very much more seriously than it does Osaka.  The flight to Singapore was on a modern plane with USB and power sockets. The food was lovely. The cabin crew were charming. The flight was a pleasure. Flying from Osaka, the cabin crew were charming.  But the plane was an older model. The food was alright, but nothing to write home about. There were no USB or power sockets. The iPads and my iPhone, already a bit hungry after there being no power sockets in the Osaka airport, ran out of battery well before we arrived in Paris.  Not sure quite why the poor Osakans get a less delightful experience for their money than the Singaporeans.

There are power sockets in the airport in Paris, but my European adaptor didn't want to talk to them.  So no charging of the devices in Paris either.

Fortunately, the USB charger in the car was still in the car, so I could recharge the iPad on the way home.  And, of course, there are chargers at home.  So all is good.

So now we are home.  Tabitha, Gareth and Cally met us at the airport in Manchester and ran us home.  They stayed overnight, so yesterday we went to The Nettle for lunch.  It seems that they have never been there before.  This seems unlikely to me, but they both said it was their first time and I guess they would know.  I was even more impressed than usual with The Nettle.  We aced for whitebait and chips for Cally, saying that we would tell her they were fish fingers. "You don't have to do that", said Marcus.  "We can dip some small pieces of fish in batter and give her proper fish fingers. And a few chips".  And they did.

We seem to have brought the sunshine back with us.  It's very windy, but the sun is shining and it's about 12d.  I'd better do something about getting us organised. I go back to work on Monday and there's washing and ironing and tidying and stuff to do.  Plus, we're in Salisbury overnight n Saturday so there isn't as much time available as you might think.

Click on Tatsuki, in his super cool supermarket buggy, to get to the Japan album

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