Monday, February 10, 2014

Let the eating continue

We went down to Mount Martha from Melbourne on Friday. By train!  I have never gone to Frankston on the train before. It takes about an hour, and the trains run roughly every ten minutes, which surprised me a little. They are also quite remarkably cheap. I was expecting to have to top up the Myki (Oyster) card to pay for the tram fare from Reservoir and the train fare to Frankston but in fact there is still plenty of money left on the cards.

Anyway.  We got to Frankston, where Tony had come to pick us up. We got to Mount Martha, where Stella was waiting for us. We had a light lunch - and then in the evening we went to the Dava and didn't have a light dinner. Stella, The Builder and I had plates of fritto misto. Tony had a "senior's" plate of calamari. His allegedly small plate of calamari had almost as much on it as our mixed seafood fry ups!! All I can say is that it is a good job The Builder is partial to calamari. He didn't get any of mine but he got a good bit of Stella and Tony's :-D

On Saturday we headed into Frankston for a little bit of light shopping. And no meals out, but mighty fine meals at home. Pretty much an auxiliary steak night :-). The Builder and I also wandered up the road to visit Pete and Liz who we have known almost for ever and who live in the same complex as
Stella and Tony. A nice quiet day, enlivened by a visit from Simon, Bethan, Noodle and Noodle's friend Molly (a lovely golden retriever) who called in on their way home from the dog-friendly beach nearby. It was quite a hot afternoon and I think the humans and canines alike enjoyed playing in the sea

On Sunday Tony and I went to the local Anglican Church, where Tony plays the flute in the choir. And then we all headed off to Flinders for Sunday lunch in the restaurant at the Flinders Pub. And very swish it was too. Proper silver service. And proper food. Absolutely delicious king prawns for

my starter and a main course that Tabitha would have thought was heaven on a plate. Lamb three ways - a tiny fillet, a tiny piece of shoulder and a small rack, all beautifully cooked and accompanied by heritage carrots and tiny roasted beetroots.  Very yum!

Sunday was enlivened by the news via Facebook that Belinda, Sage and William had been evacuated from their place in the Gippsland countryside to their nearest town for fear of bush fires. Matt had stayed behind to "Watch and Act". Fortunately a change of wind direction meant that their house didn't get burnt down, and Matt and the two dogs were not barbecued. But there have been some quite challenging fires around Victoria this weekend. Not on the Mornington Peninsula, though.

And now it is Monday. The temperature has dropped noticeably - it's a very pleasant mid-20s today. And we are heading back to Melbourne after lunch for our final night in Victoria before heading to
Far North Queensland at some unGodly hour tomorrow morning.

Farley and Farley meet for the first time

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