Saturday, February 01, 2014

Ladies (and Gentlemen) who lunch

I woke up because I was too hot.  Then I woke up because I was too cold.  :-(

I woke up because I needed to go for a wee. Then I woke up because I was thirsty :-s

I woke up because my ankle was aching ;-(

Then, I woke up in a cold sweat because we had all slept in and Lindsey was either about to leave or had left and we we're still in bed and in the absence of Emily's car (which is still in hospital) it was going to be very hard to get to where we were going for lunch :-S

It was only ten to four!!!

It had been so much easier the day before when we were going to our friend Pat's place.  She lives on the outskirts of Ballarat. Lindsey was off for lunch with some friends of hers and dropped us a couple of kilometers down the road late morning and we strolled up the main road in Pat's direction.  No need for rushing about. No need for panic, first thing in the morning.  And Pat plied us with wine and fed us duck pancakes and lemon tart, and we had a leisurely chatter and a bit of a catch up and a lovely afternoon. There will be an opportunity for a further lunch with Pat in August, when she cruises past our place. Lindsey came and picked us up later in the afternoon, so no need for rushing about then either.

And no need for panic yesterday, either.  We were all ready in good time to head down to Melbourne so Lindsey could go to work. There is a very convenient tram stop outside her surgery so we hopped on a tram headed for the main station in town. (Phone call from Lindsey while we were on the tram.  Her receptionist had asked where we were going. On being told, asked why we were going on the tram and train and not in Lindsey's car, which she didn't need in the course of the day.  Because none of us had thought about it is the simple explanation! Did we want to go back and collect the car? No - we were all set up for tramming and training now).

I've never taken the train from Melbourne to Macedon before, and it's a charming trip.  You have to take the stopping train to Bendigo and it chuffs and putters and potters it's way through Sunbury and Gisbourne and all stops between. Cute!

Chris and John have moved into a not-quite-complete "granny flat" in Megan and Mark's paddock. It's not quite complete in that the carpets aren't down and a few bits and pieces need doing.  Oh - and the kitchen isn't in yet.  So we had salad and bread for lunch. And barbecued lamb. Barbecues are a very useful thing when you don't have an oven :- D

There won't be an exciting lunch today. The Builder is planning to finish the fly doors he's been making for the Ballarat kitchen, which are hung but need handles and fasteners and things. Then he wants to fix the shelves in the Ballarat kitchen before they go the way of the East Melbourne shelves. Lindsey intends to acquire chook food and dog food and possibly some plates for the flat. I have no plans :-)

Chris and friends in the temporary kitchen facility of their granny flat

The Builder and John discussing plans for the new place

This is where the new kitchen will be, possibly as soon as the coming week

Lounge room, only needing carpet
It's far and away the mightiest granny flat I have ever seen!
(Sorry, Pat.  No photos of your equally lovely new abode. I forgot to bring my camera when we came to you.  I'll remember it next time.)

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