Friday, February 07, 2014

Mostly eating

We didn't have a proper lunch on Monday - unless you count a large fried dim sim as a proper lunch. Instead we went shopping with Lindsey in the morning, then we three drive to Melton to rescue Emily's now fully repaired, serviced and kitted out with new brakes and things car. I had the pleasure of driving it back to Clifton Hill. It wasn't too bad driving it, once I got used to the lack of power steering! Then we went shopping again, just in case there was anything left in Melbourne to buy. There was lots of food on Monday evening, though. Steak and potatoes and salad  and stuff

Tuesday saw The Builder and me heading off to Carlton for lunch in Papa Gino's with our friends Glenys and Geoff who were just back from a trip to Vietnam. They came to stay with us a couple of years ago in Tupton. Was good to catch up with them. Then on Tuesday evening, Lindsey, Ian, Simon, Wendy, Christian, Cassie, The Builder and I all met in the Fox for dinner. An excellent prawn pie with a Moreton Bay Bug on top for me.

Outside the museum, on our way into Carlton
Wednesday found The Builder and me heading back to Carlton for another pizza lunch, this time with our friends Peter and Daniel and another friend Jan. Two ministers, a minister's partner and a one time minister's wife - and one poor builder who may have been a bit puzzled by the churchy turn the conversation occasionally took. Then in the evening, Lindsey, Ian, The Builder and I took ourselves to the Prince Patrick for dinner before Lindsey, The Builder  and I headed up to Ballarat for the night

The Exhibition Buildings
More food on Thursday. This time The Builder and I met Pat in Seymour's (another pub) in Ballarat
 for lunch and in the evening Judy and Theo came to Lindsey and Ian's place for dinner. It was a beautiful evening so we had our chicken schnitzels and salad outside. We had our fruit tart and Lindsey's home made ice cream outside as well. We came in only when the mozzies started to bite.

There will be more food today. We're in Mount Martha for the weekend and I think we're going to

another pub for tea this evening.

I lost my iPad on Monday ;-(. We got back to the flat prior to preparing the steak - and it wasn't with me ;-(. We looked everywhere. And there it wasn't. So I tried the FindMyIpad app on my phone. It said my iPad was offline ;-(. This was a worry because if it was at the flat, or at Simons place, where we had started the day, it would have been online ;-(. So we rang Simon's place, where Bethan answered and said that she had found it and out it on the kitchen bench.  When I next encountered my iPad - for some reason it had turned off the FindMyIpad facility. That is really not very helpful! I've turned it back on and have been keeping a very close eye on the iPad's whereabouts ever since!!

The very beautiful rug that my father made
We always seem to spend our time eating when we are in Melbourne. Maybe next time we should find an alternative activity!!
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