Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have potted on all the tomato plants and put them down in the greenhouse.  They all seem to be coming on OK.  The pumpkin and squash plants need potting on too, but there hasn't been time over the last few days.  I have, however, planted some leek, sweet corn, pepper and cucumber seeds.  They are also in the greenhouse.  It is warm enough now during the day for most seeds to germinate.  I have also put some golf ball carrots in two small planters in the drive way.  I have yet to plant the full sized carrots but will do later this week.

The Under Gardener has been busily planting peas and broad beans in the vegetable garden, and preparing the beds on the allotment for planting.  If everything germinates that I've sown, we will have lots to plant out. Too much for the greenhouses!  Although we did notice last year that the peppers we planted out did very much better than the ones we planted in the greenhouse.  I think I'll just plant them all out this year and see what happens.

We have had our first couple of pickings of asparagus, and there is more to come.

And the fruit trees are covered in blossom

Cherry blossom

Apple blossom

This is where we're at in the vegetable garden:

We have also acquired two new ducklings.  They're five weeks old and I'm told that they are Indian Runner, Aylesbury crosses.  We've got them in a little run in with the chickens for the time being.  When they quite a lot bigger we'll let the drakes out of their separate run.  They and the chickens don't much like being separated, but the chickens don't enjoy the amorous attentions of the drakes when they are together.

The drakes haven't used their bath much since we got it.  They drink from it but we've never noticed that they've been swimming in it.  Then at the weekend, when I was in the greenhouse, I heard a splooosh behind me.  I looked around, and found that the warm sunshine had encouraged them to go in for a swim.  They seemed to be having a lovely time!
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