Friday, April 04, 2014

I planted up some seeds in little pots on the 26th March.  I planted 7 pots of heritage tomato seeds and 5 pots of grape tomatoes (multiple seeds in each pot). I also planted up pots of pumpkin, watermelon, and patty pan seeds (4 seeds in each pot) and two pots of chilli seeds.  I put all the pots in freezer bags, apart from the tomatoes which I put on a planter tray and covered with cling film.  The tomatoes got put on the window sill in the lounge room.;  The chillies I put on a book shelf next to the radiator and the larger seeds I put on another book shelf, not by a radiator.

It took less than a week for the tomato seeds to germinate.  It took a week for most of the larger seeds, although only one water melon seed has germinated.  The chillies still haven't germinated, but there is still time.

I haven't tried doing seeds this early before, in the lounge room, in freezer bags.  So far, though, it seems to be working!  I'm going to plant some flower seeds this weekend in a similar manner and see what happens.

Despite the cold and dismal fog that has beset us over the past week, the Under Gardener has been busy at work in the vegetable garden.  He's been preparing the pea and broad bean beds.  It's almost time to sow them.  He's also hoping to sow a few first early potatoes up on the allotment in the next couple of weeks. It's a little earlier than we would usually do it but the weather (despite the fog) is still quite mild and the potatoes can always be earthed up if there should be a frost forecast once they've come up.

Not sure quite what I'm going to do with all the tomato plants though.  There will be loads if they all survive to adulthood.

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