Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We had such a good time over the Easter weekend, with Tabitha and Gareth and Cally, that we decided to do it again.  Only without Tabitha.  And without Gareth.  Just Cally, coming for a sleep over.  Alone. Without accompanying responsible adults :-S

But it would all be OK.  She's been for a sleep over before.  It worked out quite well. And she couldn't stay in Sheffield.  Her parents were off to Manchester on Sunday afternoon and wouldn't be back until the wee smalls on Monday. How hard can a one night sleep over be?

Then I was asked to work on Saturday afternoon. It seemed sensible to collect Cally on my way home, rather than making a special trip in on Sunday morning.  A two night sleep over.

Cally was very excited. Not only was there the promise of fish fingers and chips for tea, but we had exciting plans for the Sunday as well.

We all slept in the spare room on Saturday night.  We all slept very well. And then on Sunday morning we talked to Grandma Stella and Grandpa Tony on Skype.  We talked to Auntie Lindsey.  We talked to Austin. We didn't talk to Tatsuki because he was asleep, but we did look at him. And then we went out in the car to collect two new ducks - which we hope are female!  They are five weeks old and I believe that they are Indian Runner, Aylesbury crosses. They don't have names yet.

We settled them into their pen and then went out to Marsh Green where there were cows to play with. And home for Sunday lunch and a play in the garden and lots and lots and lots of Peppa Pig on TV.  I don't think I've ever watched so much Peppa Pig!

We did not sleep well on Sunday night :-(  Cally was wakeful throughout the night which meant that we also were wakeful.  She got up Very Early Indeed (well, very early for a Monday off, which is what I had). We watched loads more Peppa Pig.  She was very subdued, and she wouldn't eat.  She barely ate any of her cereal and she turned down the offer of a BACON SANDWICH!!!  Then, when her parents turned up to collect her and we all sat down to a Sunday Roast  on a Monday - she went to sleep!  I think all the excitement of the Sunday had worn her out.

Back to work for me today.  This is the second of three short weeks in a row.  Next Monday is the May Day holiday, so a third Monday off for me.  But Tabitha, Gareth and Cally aren't coming to play next weekend. They have other exciting things to do

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