Thursday, May 01, 2014

Village life

There are some advantages to living in a small corner of a (large-ish) village.  Not least is that we know most of our neighbours, if not by name then at least by sight and well enough to say hello to them and sometimes stop for a bit of a chat.  (Another advantage is the fact that it is a large-ish village where people almost all commute to work, if they work,and the nosiness that I have encountered in other small places is almost entirely absent. People show interest but mostly are not judgemental or excessively inquisitive).

Even so, we were puzzled when we got home on Tuesday evening.  The Builder had come into Sheffield to meet me after work so we could drop off Cally's bike and car seat. On the way back from Sheffield he had been telling me about the lawn mower and how it needed two new wheels.  He was planning to head into Clay Cross or Alfreton where there are places that just might supply new wheels for a lawn mower.  Imagine our astonishment when we got to the back door of our house, only to find that the lawn mower fairy had delivered two wheels that were exactly what he was looking for.  They were sat in a neat line right outside the door.

But, in the absence of lawn mower fairies - where had they come from. As far as we were aware no one else knew about the need for new wheels.

Then The Builder remembered that, as he had been bringing the lawn mower back from the allotment he had run across the father of one of our neighbours down the road and had stopped for a brief chat.  Clearly he had mentioned the wheels to him.  And the father of the neighbour had taken note and had remembered that he had some spare lawn mower wheels and had toddled off and got them.

He isn't even a neighbour! He is the father of a neighbour!!  Alas - he is the father of a neighbour who is about to move.  They're staying in the village, but moving to a bigger house in another bit of it in a couple of weeks' time.

Steve and Debby have also moved, although their house is not yet sold. We still see quite a bit of them, though. They come back on  an almost daily basis to do various things about the place.

It's the first of May today - and the weather has defiantly returned to winter conditions.  Well, not quite but it is noticeably colder than it has been over the past week or two, it is very dark and gloomy and foggy, and it is raining with determination. I hope it reverts to spring fairly soon.  I have outside plans for this, the last of my three day weekends.
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