Sunday, April 06, 2014


I have had a need to have some copies of documents certified.  So I looked to see who could certify copies and discovered that academics and teachers are amongst the accepted careers.  It is true that I work in a university but I thought I should probably get my documents certified by someone who knows me.  Rich is a teacher.  And he knows me.  And he could probably be bribed into certifying for me on the promise of a meal or two.

Rich tends to meet with Tabitha and a few other pals at a pub up by the Other University on Fridays after work.  I am not usually (or, indeed, ever) one of the imbibers, but I invited myself along last Friday and pottered off after work up towards the pub.

It is a very long time since I have had occasion to walk up West Street.  On the rare occasions I have any need to walk up to Broomhill, I tend to go up Division Street.  But the pub they were meeting in was further over than that, so up West Street I went.  And it has changed quite considerably since last I walked up it.  There are blocks of apartments. There are eateries. There always were hostelries but there seem to be more upmarket ones now.  There are interesting looking shops.  I must go for a wander up there when I have a bit of browsing time.

I had a good time in the pub. Was good to catch up with some people that I haven't seen for ages.  Was good to see Tabitha as well. Was quite nice to have an End of the Week glass of wine out.

I walked back by Another Route and found that the Other University has some rather nice buildings tucked away off the main streets. Then I caught the train back to Chesterfield, where was waiting a sober, wine-free Builder to pick me up and take me back home.

There was wine there for him.  And me :-)

So now I have my certified documents.  I just need to start filling in forms and things.
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