Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

It was ever so slightly disconcerting on Sunday morning, when my Skype rang and I answered it to see not my father sat in his chair ready for our regular Sunday morning chat, but an empty chair, swinging gently in the breeze.  It was disconcerting mostly because he had rung me, so somebody had had to be sat there a mere few seconds before.  There were also the sounds of a mild kerfuffle going on off screen.

Then my mother appeared.  Poor Tony had been beset by a sudden and particularly violent form of what sounded like food poisoning and had had to belt, precipitously, for the bathroom.  We didn't chat for long, Stella and I!  She went off to deal with the unfortunate patient and The Builder and I headed off to the Marsh Green Farm Shop, and the pet food shop and various other places.

While I was putting the shopping away, I made the mistake of looking in the fridge.  Actually properly looking, not just opening the door, grabbing whatever it was I was after, and then shutting the door again.  You would really have to wonder if poor Tony had been eating something that had been sitting on one of the shelves, unprotected by a plate.  Quite why The Builder and I aren't dead from food poisoning is something of a mystery! I hadn't realised quite what a dreadful state the fridge had got into.  I've cleaned it now.  And disinfected it.  And tidied it up.

We settled in for a nice quiet afternoon.  The Builder watched the Grand Prix.  I pottered around.  All was good.  We had roast chicken for our Sunday meal, and a three fruit crumble made with Bramley apples that I had made into an apple sauce back in the autumn, and some morello cherries and raspberries from the freezer.

And then it was Monday, and I woke up with a cough. I had a slight sore throat. But what kept me home was the horrible headache which came on whenever I coughed.  I was at home on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.  This made The Builder's birthday yesterday a Very Quiet Affair indeed.  We had been intending to go to The Nettle for a celebratory birthday dinner, but obviously if you are not well enough to go to work, then you are definitely not well enough to head out to the pub.  So I made a prawn curry instead, using a nice mild Japanese curry paste.  Fortunately The Builder is quite fond of prawn curry and seemed to be happy with his birthday dinner.  And we will go to The Nettle for lunch on Saturday.  Always good to make a birthday last :-)

Back at work today.  The horrible headache has more or less gone away. And this is what is almost certainly my last ever 5-9 shift.  Well, the last as long as I don't change my job.  From next week we will close the desk at 7. I couldn't miss my last ever evening shift, not unless I was Very  Poorly Indeed.

And that's a week gone. It's nearly Friday again. A short week next week.  Next Friday is Good Friday and a public holiday in the UK.
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