Sunday, April 06, 2014


Lindsey cast an alarming pall yesterday morning over my certified document cheeriness by warning me that she didn't think that teachers were authorised certifiers in Australia :-S  I don't want to be sending things across only to have them sent back because they are improperly certified!  So I looked up to see who can certify in Victoria.  It turns out that teachers and academics are authorised so no worries there.  So are doctors and police officers and various other professions.  And so, it appears are chiropractors and podiatrists.  But not librarians.  It is a very odd place where chiropractors and podiatrists are deemed to be more trustworthy than innocent librarians!!!

Fortunately, Rich is a teacher and not a librarian, so I don't need to do it all over again!

It was our first time at Bishops' House on Saturday morning in three months.  And it was deadly, deadly quiet.  We had several passing dogs drop in to say hello. One person dashed in, asked where our coffee shop was and then dashed off when we explained that the Bishops' Cafe was actually up the road. Another person rushed in and asked if we were open on Sunday and then rushed out again.  Apart from that we had a mere four visitors all morning. Fortunately, we had our iPads and things to do.  And then the relief volunteers turned up so we could leave, and Tabitha (who I hadn't seen for simply ages :-D), Gareth and Cally lobbed in and we all jumped in the car and went off to introduce Tabitha and Gareth to the delights of Costco shopping.

I have never before tried Costco food and was very dubious about how palatable a hotdog would be that only cost £1.50 with a soft drink on the side.  I was even more dubious about the pizza slice which was a mere £1.75, especially given the size of it.  But it was well past lunchtime and we were all hungry.  I have to say that they were surprisingly nice. 

We took everyone back home again.  The Builder and I drove away.  And Cally, who had been peacefully sleeping on the way home and hadn't been woken up until after all the shopping had been taken inside, Cally waved goodbye to us and then gasped: "Argh! My Strawberries! They've got my strawberries!!!!!"  But it was OK. They had already been taken into the house.  Funny that she didn't bat an eyelid over the fact that we had driven away with her car chair though :-D
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