Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend report

They called for a volunteer to work on Saturday afternoon early last week.  I ignored it.  We were going to The Nettle for lunch in a belated celebration of The Builder's birthday.  They called again, mid-week.  I was slightly surprised.  There is a small but quite dedicated group of people who are saving up for various things and who volunteer to work weekend shifts when they come up.  It's unusual for a call to have to be issued twice.  But I ignored it.  We were going out to lunch. I was more than surprised when they sent out a third call on Friday morning.  And stunned when they sent out a desperate plea on Friday afternoon.  I consulted The Builder, moved lunch to dinner and put my name forward.  My hand was almost snapped off in their haste to accept my offer :-D

And so I pottered in to work (at the right campus!!) on Saturday afternoon, had quite a pleasant time (it wasn't hugely busy but there were enough interesting queries to keep me awake) and then we went to The Nettle for dinner in the evening.  A fishy dinner.  They had lots of lovely fish on the menu.  Scallops and salmon and sea bass for us.  It was a good celebration of a birthday.

We were supposed to be going out on Sunday morning to look at some baby ducks.  OVer dinner we had been discussing the fact that we didn't really feel ready to bring home tiny little ducklings and nurture them to adulthood.  Not ducklings that were only a week old and needed a heat lamp to keep them alive.  We were pondering whether to go out and look and then to say that we were very uneasy about this, or whether to ring up and cancel altogether.  Fortunately, the decision was taken from our hands when the lady rang and said that the heat lamps had failed overnight in the duckling house and some of them weren't looking very well.  Could we possibly go in a couple of weeks time.  Yes, we could.  So a new date was selected and we moved into "lazing about at home" mode.  Which was really rather nice.  The sun shone, it was fairly warm by local standards. We got a bit of gardening done, a bit of eating, a bit of telly watching. And no worrying about the health and welfare of tiny baby ducks!

A short week at work this week.  It's Good Friday this week and the University will be in vacation mode. I am rather looking forward to a nice, long weekend.

Marlo, enjoying the sunshine on Sunday evening

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