Monday, May 25, 2009

Waiting for the post

So my divorce trundled its way, entirely undramatically, through the Australian courts in March. Once I was assured of the complete lack of drama, we booked a provisional wedding date with the registrar in Bakewell and sat back to await the arrival of the divorce certificate,

That languidly lobbed into Lindsey’s letter box one month and one day later, as predicted.

Then it took a bit of a break to recover from the exertions of getting to Lindsey’s place. Occasionally I nagged it to get moving again, but it kept bleating that it was only April and that there was no hurry.

Eventually Lindsey stepped in and pushed it on its way. Registered International Post. Once I knew it was heading in my direction, we sent out the wedding invitations, plus the invitations to the summer party which is on the same weekend.

Five or six days later we got home from work and found a card from the postman to say that we had something to be signed for at the sorting office in Chesterfield. Excellent. The divorce certificate has arrived.

But no. It was my clouds, sun and fish for the bathroom. Equally exciting, of course, and the fish look very fetching dotted about the shower (the clouds and sun won’t go up until the decorating is finished). But not quite as useful as a divorce certificate should you wish to get married and your previous spouse is (happily) still breathing.

Thursday and Friday saw no repeat of the arrival of a card telling us to present ourselves at the sorting office. I was beginning to worry. Post to and from Australia usually takes only 5 or 6 days. The invitations I had posted to Australia on the Saturday had only taken 4 in some cases. We could, of course, always send to the Australian Registry and ask for a copy, but that takes a bit of time and time was beginning to run a bit short if we had to wait any length of time for the copy.

Unbeknownst to me, Lindsey was also beginning to wonder where it had got to. She had the tracking number – which said the envelope didn’t exist when she investigated!

Happily it turned up on Saturday. It slipped its way into the letterbox, without benefit of a signature. But who cares about signatures? We can now start to make Proper Progress.

Right then. What to worry about next? Oh yes. If everyone who has been invited to the summer party comes, and if the weather should be seriously inclement – we’re going to have to buy the house next door to fit everyone in! I had expected most people to say “Thank you for the invitation and we would love to come but alas we will be in the Costa del Summat that week it is August you know”. But no. Mostly people are coming. All will be well if the weather is fine, or even if it’s drizzly. People can hang out in the gazebo. Stormy and horrible? Gazebo less enticing. Freyja says we’ll have to issue timed tickets!

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