Monday, May 04, 2009

I've broken the bathroom!!!!!!!!


I went to have a bath - and broke the hot tap!!!!!!!! It won't turn off properly :-S Although - at least it's running slowly enough not to attract the attention of the boiler so it's running cold and only wasting huge amounts of water and not also wasting huge amounts of gas. And we don't pay for water by usage, but by yearly bill based on the rateable value of your property. A very peculiar way to charge for water, but working to our advantage at the moment. We can't do anything about it - the apprentice hobbit whose phone number The Builder has has gone to London to watch Sheffield United play and won't care.

If they can't fix the tap, the Bathstore will have me stood there demanding a new one. If I'm going to pay upward of £100 for bath taps, I don't expect to be able to break them on their first use!!!

The irony is that it was a leaking hot water tap that started this whole process in the first place!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. We pottered in Homebase and trundled around the Derbyshire Dales and ate nice food and drank beer or cider and later wine and played in the garden and generally had a good time. I'm not sure that there's a lot that is nicer than a sunny Sunday in early May. Peaceful and relaxing and yet at the same time somehow full of promise
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