Sunday, May 03, 2009

Asparagus Lasagne

We had a lovely asparagus lasagne last evening. I made the lasagne using a cup of pasta flour and two eggs, chilling the dough for an hour or so then putting it through my pasta maker until it was very, very thin.

I made a white sauce using skimmed milk, flour and low fat philly cheese.

And I used the individual lasagne dishes.

I layered pasta with the white sauce, thinly sliced asparagus spears, chopped tomatoes and thinly sliced bacon (although you could leave the bacon out - I only put it in because I had a couple of rashes that needed using up). I finished with a few asparagus spears on top. Then I covered the dishes with foil and put them in a moderate oven for 35 or 40 minutes. Then I took the foil off and covered the top with buffalo mozzarella and put the dishes back in the oven until the cheese was toasted and bubbly.

It was very delicious. And not very heavy. Just right for a nice spring evening.
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