Monday, May 11, 2009

Ah the sweet sound of silence in the bathroom :-)

One of the advantages to working in an educational establishment in the centre of a city is that when you call the emergency services they come very, very quickly. This was certainly an advantage on Thursday evening!

We were sat, minding our own businesses (I saw a large notice outside a building site yesterday which announced that “All bussinessess (sic) are open as usual” !!), not doing anybody any harm at the desk, counter and reception desk. Alan, the Adsetts security bod, had been over to say that there was a girl sat on the bench by the window who didn’t look all that chipper to him, but he’d spoken to her and she said she was OK. We all carried on minding our own businesses and not doing anybody any harm. Suddenly, there was a commotion! Alan bolted from the reception desk and just got to the girl as she toppled over in a dead faint. Or a dead deadness. There she lay, still and apparently lifeless on the floor. Fortunately, Alan is a trained first aider. So too is the cleaner who came running over. And likewise one of the acquisitions staff who happened still to be in the building. Three first aiders on the case meant that those of us on the desk stayed where we were. SHU security were summoned. So was an ambulance. Both turned up very quickly and the girl was carted away, happily not lifeless and by then also more or less conscious, in the ambulance to hospital. Silly girl had been studying hard for and fretting hard about her exams and had failed to do any sensible things such as eat, sleep or drink. So that was all very exciting. The rest of the evening was busy but uneventful.

The hobbits have been and repaired the bath tap. It seems I hadn’t broken it. They think some grit or something had got into the mechanism and was preventing it closing properly. It’s working again now.

The Builder and I have been and bought the tiles and paint and stuff for the bathroom. My 15% voucher saved us £50! (You can work out the maths :-) ) So we went into Sheffield in the afternoon and spent the £50 and more on a Henry vacuum cleaner. As you do! The Builder has put a false ceiling up in the bathroom where the original had reached feet and feet and feet up into the air. He’s put a first coat of blue paint on. He’s started putting the tiles up in what will be the shower recess. It’s all beginning to take shape nicely. The hobbits are coming back next weekend to put up the shower and the radiator. I hope the new cabinet will also go up. And I’ve found a lovely beach hut wallpaper border to finish the decorating off. Although that will be a while yet I think. We haven’t chosen floor tiles yet. We decided to wait until everything else was done and see what sort of tiles would look nicest.

Otherwise it was quite a peaceful weekend. At least, it was from my point of view given that I didn’t do any decorating or ceiling creation. A little light gardening, a bit of pottering about, some eating and drinking, that sort of thing. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The heron is taking quite some interest in the possibility of nibbling on our fish for breakfast. Not that we would mind a little light nibbling – we are not remotely short of fish! However, I fancy the heron might not restrain itself and have just a few. I rather think it might gulp the lot, given time. But not yesterday. It came gliding by two or three times to have a look see. Then it went and perched at the top of the large conifer two gardens up. From where it was roundly chased by a VERY cross rook which chased it and chased it and chased it. And was still chasing it ten minutes later when they came into view again! I have no idea what the heron had done so to annoy the rook – but it was a very cross rook indeed!

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