Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I am clearly blessed with a brute strength I didn't know I had!

This morning I managed to break the plug in the bath! Went to pull it out of the plughole and it fell off its chain! I am obviously going to have to learn to be a lot more gentle with the new bathroom! The taps only turn a half turn. I have got used to the old bathroom where you had to turn the taps several times to get any result. I do that with the new taps and water goes EVERYWHERE!

The Builder has been plastering and moving the switch for the shower and generally getting the room ready for its new walls and ceiling and tiles and things. We have decided that we will also buy a new door - the old one looks a touch shabby now and in any case has always seemed a bit odd to me. Frosted glass in a bathroom door just doesn't seem right. A nice wooden door is called for. Then I fear we are going to have to bite the bullet and buy the room a new window. And then we will have a completely new bathroom.

I can see this whole enterprise having a very, very long knock on effect.

It rained on and off for most of yesterday. Off course it did. It was a Monday bank holiday! I made cake. And fruit salads. And sort of tidied up a bit. And am now back at work.
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