Sunday, May 03, 2009

There's a bathroom coming

You wouldn’t think that having a bathroom refitted would cause quite so much chaos and mayhem throughout the whole house! But by the time you have tools spread around all over the place, not to mention two hobbits and a builder beetling in and out and up and down and stuff being carted about all over the place it does create quite a high level of disarray!

The hobbits had been persuaded not to come back on Saturday morning at 7:30! It was, after all, a SATURDAY morning and more to the point – it was the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend. Our house is a semi. I quite enjoy being on speaking terms with my neighbours – and might not be for long if Joanne was woken early by people banging and clattering in the bathroom. I had also been a bit worried that the entire street might not be talking to us if the water had to be turned off for any length of time on the Friday evening. Yes, I had put notes through people’s doors warning them that the water would need to be turned off – but people are inclined to forget these little pieces of information! Fortunately, in the event, it was only off for about ten minutes while the hobbits put isolator valves on the bathroom pipes. We still can’t find the stop tap for the house – we have a feeling it might have been tiled over when the kitchen extension was done (about twenty years ago, by the look of the tiles!). But we can, should it become necessary, now turn off the water to the entire house – in a piecemeal sort of a way!

A skip appeared in the drive mid-morning. Useful things skips!

A water feature appeared in the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon. An unexpected water feature. It was, I think, not entirely intentional. It was accompanied by much swearing from the bathroom and the sound of very rapidly rushing water. Fortunately, we have a large supply of buckets. Although – I’m not sure why we have just so many buckets. I also notice that they have doubled in price in B&Q since the last time we went and bought any. But that was several years ago so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

So the hobbits have now gone and we have a working loo, a working bath and a working sink but not yet a properly working bathroom. The Builder and Steve-Next-Door are happily filling the skip with rubbish – although I didn’t realise when I told Steve he could put any of his rubbish in the skip that they actually had a whole shed full of junk to get rid of!

I spent the latter part of the afternoon making pasta. I like making pasta. The only drawback is that you cover the kitchen with a light dusting of flour. Somehow, this didn’t seem to matter much today!
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