Saturday, February 07, 2009

Woke up this morning to find the garden thermometer reading minus ten degrees. The thermometer inside, which has a sensor outside on the house wall reads minus four degrees. It always does read slightly higher than the garden one being protected by the house while the one in the garden is fully exposed. Whichever one you believe, it's mighty cold and icy outside. Ventured out in my Bagpuss, cosy dressing gown and Ugg boots to feed the birds. Now back in bed with The Builder, Marlo, coffee and my laptop. Might just stay here!

It is, mind you, a beautiful morning.

Meanwhile, back in Gippsland, Matthew and Belinda have been on fire alert, with a bush fire only 5 to 10 km away and heading in their direction. Matt has been putting out spot fires (or so I believe) and they've had the car packed ready for a quick exit if need be. The temperature in Melbourne has hit a record high of 46.4 d according to Simon. Much to everyone's relief a cool change has come through, the temperature has dropped and the wind direction has changed. The fire near Brandy Wine Creek is now moving away from the house!

Exciting weather at both ends of the spectrum. But I think I'd rather be here in the ice and snow. It's not cold in the house!!
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