Monday, February 09, 2009

Sausage casserole

We had a lovely sausage casserole on Saturday evening. This is what I did.

Two sausages each (in this case beef and tomato) chopped into pieces.
Chicken stock to cover (I didn't have any beef stock, or I'd have used that)
Carrots, onions, garlic, fennel and a bit of parsnip, all peeled and sliced.

I put everything into a pot and put that in the oven on 120d for two or three hours, stirring from time to time. A slow cooker would do even better

Just before serving time, I took out the sausage pieces and set them aside, then I put everything else into the blender and blitzed it until it was gravy like. Then I put everything, including the sausage pieces, back in the pot and reheated it.

We had it with mashed potatoes, sprouts and red cabbage. It was definitely good food for a very cold wintry evening
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