Friday, February 20, 2009


... is about to join the ranks of the long-haired (or, in this instance, short-haired) layabouts.

The law firm she works for is shedding people.

She is one of the sh(r)eddies :-S

Still, she seems fairly sanguine about this. She's ready to start lazing about, smoking rollies, watching daytime TV, drinking strongbow...

Actually, I think she's planning to hit the job hunting scene. She has travel plans which need feeding. Not to mention lots of Very Hungry Hippos.

She also has five weeks redundancy money (four weeks statutory redundancy and an extra week for going quietly). But that won't go far, not with all those mouths to feed.

It's her last night tonight. Think remunerative thoughts in her direction

My slow cooker has arrived. What shall I make first?
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