Monday, February 09, 2009

Weep for Victoria ;-(

The number of dead in Victoria stands confirmed at 93 at the moment. I assume that this total is likely to rise. One of the dead, alas, was Brian Naylor. I am surprised by how much I mind this. It is not a personal loss. He was a television presenter and then an eminent newsreader who has been retired for over ten years. Neverthless, I do mind! I wonder if he would have been surprised that his death has been reported in various news sources here.

At least 750 houses destroyed, not to mention churches, schools, community centres, shops... Matthew and Belinda were extremely lucky

And a 774 reporter sees someone flinging a lit cigarette out of the car during the day! Some people are simply morons!!!

The Builder and I took ourselves away from the streamed 774 commentary and went to the Three Horseshoes for lunch. It was hearteningly busy, although they said it was very quiet last weekend when it was actively snowing.

The snow is starting to melt in our garden now, although slowly. I'm not sure if we're expecting more. They are expecting lots more down in the south. Along with rain, gales and ice!
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