Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dallying in the countryside

We've been up Mount Macedon.

I wasn't absolutely confident of my ability to find it!  And even less confident that I would ever find the car park at the flat when we came back.  So we didn't take Ian's sporty Peugeot but Lindsey's substantial Subaru with built in sat nav.

Actually, Mount Macedon isn't difficult to find.  It's a small mountain.  Off the Calder highway.  Chris's house is a little harder to find, especially since she's disguised it as a concrete bunker!  We did find the parking area by John's music studio though, so parked there.

The doggies found us!  Lucy is a small doggie with springs on her feet.  I don't think I've ever met a dog that can jump quite so high. Oscar is a little older and slightly more sedate.  He just bounces!

They like chasing tennis balls!!

Chris took us on a tour of the renovated house, the studio extension and the glorious gardens. She provided a sumptuous lunch - lasagne with fizzy wine.  We had a raspberry souffle with raspberries from the raspberry patch.  Then we took the bouncy dogs for a walk up around the cross atop Mount Macedon. John came back from work and we had a Nice Cup of Tea before heading back to Melbourne and pub night with Lindsey, Ian and Simon.  It was a splendidly food-laden day :-)

And now you find us in the Gippsland mist.  Lindsey, The Builder and I have come to inspect Belinda and Matthew's renovated house and splendid gardens.  Their dogs are much too venerable now to bounce or spring.  The 9 week old kitten, Sage and William do that on their behalf!

More splendid food last night.  With vegetables from the garden.  Matt and Belinda grow their carrots in the ground.  I have NEVER had any success at all trying to grow carrots in the ground (mine get grown in boxes).

But I am beginning to feel that I should be renovating a house and acquiring splendid gardens!!

While we've been here we've had a concert from Sage :-) 

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