Monday, August 29, 2016

Tony continued to improve as the week progressed.  On Thursday he was almost back to his normal self.  He sounded better, looked better, had a twinkle in the eye and even tried a couple of small jokes. He was clearly more than ready to head to the rehab centre, which was ready to take him, just as soon as a bed became available.

We handed over the reins on Friday and headed back to town.  Matt, Belinda, Sage and William were on duty on Saturday, Wendy on Sunday.

Alas.  On Saturday Matt reported that Tony seemed a bit confused, not very bright and was shaking and twitching.

By Sunday he was very definitely taking a turn for the worse.  He was mostly sleeping, twitching and shaking quite a lot and was very confused. He was moved back to a high dependency ward.

It was quite clear he couldn't go to the rehab centre any time soon.  We will go, with Lindsey, to examine him this afternoon.  Wendy and Stella are going this morning.  We'll see how the land lies - although the hospital is reporting that he seems quite a lot better today.  He's had a battery of tests to try and find out what the problem is.  Maybe one of those will reveal an answer.  Or we may never know - it could just be one of those things.  Anyway, as of this morning he seems to have taken a turn for the better.

In the meantime, we had a good few days in Mount Martha.  We went shopping in Mount Martha and Mornington.  We made the trip to and from Malvern to visit Tony. We had delicious food and wine.  We even had a Mount Martha variant on Steak Night.  Stella bought some King Island steak.  I cooked it.  We had it with roast potatoes and veg rather than the habitual Monday evening salad.  It was delicious

Steak Night by the Sea

We came up to Mount Helen on Friday evening.  Sam was quite pleased to see us - although there was a very definite "And where do you think you've been?" in his greeting!

It is noticeably colder up in the hills than it was down by the bay.  It was a pleasantly mild 18 or so degrees in Mount Martha, and quite mild at night.  It's definitely a lot colder than that on Mount Helen!

Sam is nice and toasty warm

We had a good weekend.  We've pottered about, taken Sam for walks, organised a few things, checked out the shops, bought The Builder a few clothes (he was getting a bit tired of wandering around covered in a blanket :-D). Not really, of course - but he didn't have very many clothes and mostly they are summer clothes and not absolutely suitable for the tail end of a Ballarat winter. He seems quite pleased with his purchases.

We have a Bedroom with a View

A Mount Helen sunset

The setting sun

We'll be heading back to Melbourne shortly, then back to Mount Martha tomorrow afternoon.  Wendy was going to take the week off work so she could ferry Stella to and from the hospital, but it seemed silly for Wendy to take time off work when The Builder and I have no work to miss us. I have a bank appointment and a couple of errands to run tomorrow morning. After that, we'll take up the hospital run and Wendy can save her leave for something more fun.
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