Saturday, August 13, 2016


We had a lovely meal at Spoon last night. Mind you, we were a bit surprised when we arrived in Woodseats to see Simon tethering his bike to a railing and apparently chatting to Marlo.  It seemed unlikely that he would have brought Marlo with him, but it looked very much like Marlo.  Even Freyja, who was inside talking to Simon's parents, thought he had randomly brought Marlo and came outside to investigate.  Fortunately, it wasn't Marlo, who was at home peacefully snoozing!!

It was a great evening.  Simon's parents were there, as were his brother and his partner.  The food was excellent.  They were doing Thrifty Thursday, where you could have two courses for £13 from the specials menu.  Freyja had rung them earlier and asked if they could do two vegan courses for her.  They did, and she was very pleased with her food.  I was very pleased with mine too.

Freyja's vegan feast:

Fancy salad

Vegan burger in sauce

My definitely not vegan feast:

Seafood assiette

Cod and chips, fancy pants style

If you should find yourself in the Woodseats area looking for somewhere nice to eat, I would definitely recommend Spoon to you.

Today we have had a series of Lasts.  We took our last ride on the X17 into Chesterfield (where we visited our new solicitor's office, and called in to tell Strada what we had been up to and to say goodbye). We took our last 51 bus out to Tupton for our final clear out and clean up of The Sidings. We made our last trip out to Clay Cross to drop some stuff off at the Hospice charity shop. We signed the car over to Lucy-next-door (Must remember to post the form off to the DVLA!!)  We said farewell to Bev-next-door on the other side.  Phil and Vanja had come by to say farewell to us yesterday afternoon.  We left our lovely house for the last time. Then we took our last trip into Chesterfield from Tupton on the 51 and our last X17 ride from Chesterfield to Sheffield, passing through Woodseats for the last time. And tonight we are going to our final meal at the pot Luck Pantry before leaving Sheffield for the last time tomorrow, en route for London.

At least - these are all Last Times for now.  I expect we will be back to visit many of these places from time to time!

Farewell, Tupton.  Thank you for ten years of good times, excellent neighbours and lots of fun

The Sidings. Photo courtesy of Sharon from Strada

Waiting at the bus stop for the 51 back into town, looking at
St John's church and the Miners' Welfare Club

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