Monday, August 22, 2016


So.  How to spend our last full day of our holiday in Kyoto?

We considered the possibility of going to Nara and visiting the giant Buddha and the sika deer in the park.

We considered the possibility of going into central Kyoto and visiting the Science museum.

We considered the possibility of going into Osaka and going for a ride on the Tenpozan Observation Wheel.

The Observation Wheel won.  It was a lovely, lovely day.  And Tatsuki loves Ferris Wheels.  So do I. A winner all round.

Plus, it had the advantage that we could travel by train from our little local railway station.  Not all the way, of course, but a little bit of the way.

So we did.

Tatsuki was magnificent.  When we were in Japan at the start of the year he was very firmly of the opinion that train hopping was a dreadful, dreadful waste of time.  I suspect he is still of that opinion, at least to some extent, but he happily train hopped all the way to the far side of Osaka.  Or, if not happily, then at least resignedly.

We all really, really enjoyed the wheel

The ride took about 45 minutes, I think.  It took considerably longer to get there :-D

We had lunch in the adjacent shopping mall and then made our way back to the house in Kyoto.

We had dinner in a Family restaurant a few minutes walk from the house.  It is similar to the Coco family restaurant not far from Austin and Kaori's place, but not quite the same quality.  On the other hand, my burger and chips were delicious, and not very pricy.

We have very much enjoyed our stay in Kyoto Ann's lovely little house in Ichijōji.  If you should find yourself looking for somewhere to stay outside of central Kyoto, I would thoroughly recommend it to you.  You'll find it on Airbnb.

We are off back to Osaka today.  It's time for the final leg of our journey, on to Melbourne, via Cairns.  I fear there is going to be a great deal of waiting around today.

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