Tuesday, August 09, 2016


I spent quite a lot of the weekend fretting about the fact that all our house documents were with a solicitor's office in Newcastle, our house and estate agent are in Chesterfield and we are imminently about to disappear off to the other side of the world leaving all our house related things in a fair state of chaos!

So I went to the Pot Luck Pantry on Sunday for my last stint as Sunday chef, to chill out

About to put stuffed potato skins in the oven
Tabitha, Gareth, Cally and Flynn came for lunch.  Nate and Duncan came for dessert. Lots of TRJFP volunteers dropped by, either for lunch, or for a snack, or to say hi.  It was much more relaxing, and fun, than fretting about house documents and future conveyancing issues.  Then I took Freyja back to her place to drop some stuff off, and to say hello to Marlo (who seemed pleased to see me, but equally relaxed in his new home!).  I have changed my mind about their driveway, though.  It is so steep that the handbrake doesn't hold which was something of a challenge when I wanted to go forward to straighten up the car a bit so I didn't take out their wall while reversing out!!! In future I shall park on the road.

Monday morning saw this outside our place:

Two very efficient removalists came in at 08:20. They packed up everything that we had put in the dining room, which was intended for Ballarat.  They collected the spare bed and mattress, which were also going to Ballarat, from upstairs.  At 13:10 they left again. It was all very speedy!  Then we headed into town to chat to our estate agent about what to do about my middle of the night fretting that was keeping me awake.  They have recommended a local conveyancing solicitor to us, and secured us a quote from them.  I'll ring them today and see if we can sort out the return of our documents to them, and arrange for them to act on our behalf for the sale of the house.

Everything else seems to be going relatively smoothly, from a leaving for London on Saturday morning point of view.  But we won't say that too loudly, just in case!

In other news, Tony is in the hospital after, for reasons best known to himself, going outside at 23:00 on Friday evening to collect the post from the post box (which is a short distance up the road, with all the post boxes for their court). He tripped over something and cracked his head open, thus generating quite a bit of excitement in and around their court, what with an ambulance coming and loads of kerfuffle and everything.  He's having tests for practically everything known to humankind.  I guess that will stop him from wandering around the streets in the middle of the night for the next little while!

Right.  Must get on. Loads to do.  But first, a nice cup of tea, I think.

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