Saturday, August 06, 2016

Last Things

Turns out I was wrong about us having missed our last meal at The Rutland in Chesterfield.

We had to go into town yesterday to visit the estate agent to discuss tactics since the house didn't sell at auction. Not only did it not sell, but it didn't even go into the auction. The auction company rang me on Monday evening to say that they would seek expressions of interest from people who entered the auction room. Any house that had no expressions of interest at all would not be entered into the actual auction.  This came as news to me!  Unwelcome news at that. Thereafter we heard pretty much nothing until Thursday, although Strada rang us on Wednesday to bring us up to speed. We haven't been at all happy with the auction company and needed to talk to Strada about that, and what to do next.

We went to the O2 shop to talk about what to do about our mobile phones.

We called into the library to close my library account.

Then we decided to head into The Rutland for our actual farewell lunch.  So we did notice it, after all.

What we hadn't noticed was our final shift at the Food bank!!  We had expected to be there yesterday to say our final farewells. Turns out our last shift had actually been the week before - and we hadn't noticed it!!!

Today we have been moving everything into the dining room that is supposed to be going to Melbourne. The removalists are coming first thing on Monday to pack everything up and take it away.  I am expecting to be in the Pot Luck Pantry kitchen all day tomorrow.  It seemed wise to sort it all out today.  I wonder what is still in its place in the house, that is supposed to be going to Melbourne - but which we haven't spotted yet.  I've just found the butter dish in the kitchen, and we nearly missed a picture in the spare room.  There are bound to be other things!

Right.  I'm off to the shop.  We are almost out of coffee and oh so nearly out of tea and wine.  It does not seem wise to me to run out of any of those things just at the moment.  Anyone want anything?

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