Saturday, August 20, 2016

Just Chillin'

We all very much enjoyed our day chilling yesterday.

We had a lovely, lazy start to the day. Breakfast.  Iced coffees. Watching the Olympics. Pottering.

Then we decided to go back to the shopping mall, where there is a child's play area.

Kaori went on one of the bikes that are provided here for the use of guests.  Their car only seats four people and, although we have squished five in when we have been here before, I am not sure that that is entirely legal.  And anyway, my bottom appears to have spread out since January and I have no wish to squish poor Kaori.  I was going to walk, but Kaori seemed quite happy to go on the bike.

I'm not sure that she was quite as delighted when she had to come back and give us the car keys, which had been put into her backpack for safe keeping when we were out on Thursday, and which hadn't been taken out again!

Tatsuki had a great time in the children's play area:

So did Austin!

I enjoyed it too, although sitting on the edge of the ball pool has its hazards.  A group of petite, slight girls came in to play.  It was what I imagine it would be like if you were sat on the side of a watering hole, accompanied by a load of buffalo!

We all pootled around in the shopping mall.  The Builder and I had iced coffees in Starbucks (not necessarily my coffee shop of choice, but needs must.)  Kaori did a bit of shopping.  The Builder and I did a bit of window shopping.  Then we re-convened in the food court before heading back to the house.

We tried for a Coco Curry for dinner in an outlet which was a six minute walk away.  Alas - it has vanished.  But there is another one about ten minutes walk in that direction over there, so we went there, followed by a lovely stroll in the (relative!) cool of the evening back to the house.  It was a very relaxing day.

This is where we are staying:

And this is our house:

Front of the house, with bicycles

Entrance shrine

Tatami room with futons

The view from our room

Living area, on the middle floor


View from the landing window
There is a third level with a couple of bedrooms, but Austin, Kaori and Tatsuki are using those at the moment and I think it would be a bit rude to burst in on them!!

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