Monday, November 30, 2015

Wet and windy

The weather forecaster on the radio this morning said that the forecast was quite simple.  Cold in the north, mild in the south and wet in the middle. He did say that he would give more detail, but we didn't really need much more in the way of detail. It was windy pretty much all weekend and rainy for most of it. It's still wet and windy today.

We didn't do very much over the weekend.  The Builder has been decorating the pantry/cellar so I had a good sort out of the tins and jars and bottles that live down there. I didn't dust the lounge room. I did do most of the washing, but not very much of the ironing. I went and had my hair cut (the hairdresser was a tiny bit worried when I asked for a "summer cut, please"). I almost forgot to get dressed on Sunday morning and was still pottering around in my PJs and dressing gown mid-morning.  It was all nice and quiet and peaceful.

Mostly I spent the weekend practising making vegan friendly party food.  I am quite pleased with my custard tarts and fairly pleased with my apple tarts.  I'm not sure about the cake yet - I haven't tasted it yet but it looks a bit dry.  We'll find out later (I have a piece with me to have with my afternoon cup of tea).  I think I have a reasonable, vegan-friendly menu worked out for next Saturday's afternoon tea party.  I am also fairly confident that everyone who comes should be able to eat everything on offer. Provided, of course, that they have told me all of their allergies/intolerances/preferences. And I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to buy dairy-free oil spreads and nut- and dairy-free "milks" in our local supermarket.  I had been assuming that I would have to go hunting in the health food shops and vegan stores.

We have given up trying to feed Marlo his pain killer tablets.  Nothing that we were doing was working. He's just going to have to manage!

Freyja and Simon are off on a two day safari in the Sahara today.  There will be Bedouin tents and camels and everything (I'm not sure about food, but I expect there will be some).  Lindsey, Ian and Emily are en route to Johannesburg for a wedding next weekend.  And The Builder and I have a mere 12 sleeps to go before embarking on the World Birthday Tour. Hardly seems possible that it is so nearly time to fly.  It seemed such a long time in the future when I bought all the tickets in July!!
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