Monday, November 23, 2015

More windy weather

It really was quite spectacularly windy last week.  Positively gale-like. So much so that one of the concrete fence posts down the back (by the asparagus bed) cracked with the force of the wind and blew down, taking a couple of fence panels with it.

This was particularly a problem because that fence separates our "bottom" garden from the "bottom" garden that belongs to #10 Queen Vic Road. Their garden runs down along the back of several house but more worryingly isn't properly fenced where it backs onto the farm behind.

There are foxes on that farm.

There are chickens and ducks in our garden.  Our garden is properly fenced between us and the farm but if a fox got in through the big gap in the side fence, it wouldn't take much for them to get into the chicken and duck run!

So a man came later in the week and took away the broken post and the rather large amount of concrete that had been holding it in place.  He put a new post in its place.  But he couldn't replace the panels.  It was still too windy and the new post wasn't properly set in place.  We didn't want it to blow down before it had even started work as a fence post!

Fortunately, Tabitha, Gareth and Cally were coming over on Saturday afternoon. Equally fortunately, the wind had dropped by the time they arrived.  Gareth and The Builder put the panels in while I made pizzas for a late lunch.

Marlo had been sorely puzzled by the big gaps in the fence.  It wasn't right.  Not right at all! Much better now that it has all been put back together

While all this windy weather had been going on, Freyja had been cavorting in Copenhagen, where our friend Julia was visiting other friends.  She got back into Luton mid-afternoon on Saturday and made her way to our place.  Simon, in the meantime, had been doing useful things in Sheffield and got to our place at about 7pm. Once everyone was assembled we had a positive merry feast. We had hash browns and vegetable spring rolls and vegetable samosas.  Cally had baked beans and hash browns.  Then Cally went to bed and we all had chicken and leek (or quorn and leek for the veggies) pies with mash and veg.  Then it was bed time.

We did not have an entirely restful night.  The inflatable bed that Freyja and Simon were using gradually deflated and kept them awake. Simon somehow managed to find the sticky tape and made an attempt to stop the deflation, but it didn't work and the no-longer inflatable bed is now residing in our rubbish bin.  Marlo bounced from bed to bed and eventually ended up sleeping in the bath, where I found him at 3:30 when I went to the loo.  I took him into our room and shut the door. I had a coughing fit which woke the household.  Several people had snoring fits which woke the household.  Cally woke at just before five and felt very much that it should be time to start the day.  By the time it really was time to start the day, we were all in need of several cups of tea and/or coffee to get us all going! And breakfast.  But not too much breakfast for The Builder and me; we had lunch plans.

So after breakfast everyone relocated to Woodseats.  Tabitha, Gareth, Cally, Freyja and Simon all live in Woodseats and Bea and Steve (who we were visiting for lunch) also live in Woodseats.  The Builder and I are beginning to think that we should move there too!

We had a lovely lunch with Bea and Steve.  We feasted on home made ravioli, then chicken wrapped in ham with loads of veggies, then a nectarine crumble and a chocolate and cherry steamed pudding. Absolutely no need for anything else to eat when we got home!

I don't know about anyone else, but The Builder and I slept very well last night.  No alarms or excitements.  Nothing to disturb our slumbers at all.

The sky was a deep, dark, vivid orange as my bus trundled along the bypass this morning.  If I happened to be a shepherd, I would be Very Worried Indeed.
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