Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekend report

So the weekend began extremely well with our dinner at Wagamama followed by my early birthday treat of an evening with the Hairy Bikers (and about 200 other people :-) )  Austin tells me that "wagamama" means selfish, self-indulgent or willful in Japanese, which seems an odd choice for a restaurant! I suppose I am self-indulgent when I go there - I always eat too much!!  But Kaori, my Japanese daughter-in-law, also said that it seemed a very strange name for a restaurant. I guess Wagamama isn't planning to expand into Japan!

Anyway, Friday was a very successful evening.

Then The Builder and I had our workout on Saturday morning, getting all that wood in from a huge heap in the drive to neatly stacked in the lounge room and in the porch.  We had to move fast because it was drizzling and we had paid for seasoned dried wood.  No point paying for dried wood that works well in our wood burner, only to leave it out in the rain getting all wet again!  About 30 minutes after we had finished getting it all in and stacked, the drizzle turned to an absolute downpour. We were hugely pleased that we were inside, sitting down with a celebratory cup of tea by that time! Marlo watched the wood moving enterprise with a definite expression of incredulity on his face.  You can very clearly hear him thinking "What on earth are you two up to now?" as he watches us engaging in what seems to him to be yet another madcap activity

We spent the afternoon at Bishops' House, where we had a good number of visitors. The rain had pretty much stopped by then - but it was very definitely on the windy side.

Then we went home, via the supermarket, and settled in for the rest of the weekend. We spent Sunday pottering about, sorting things out, doing useful things, eating and drinking, and reading and watching telly. It was very relaxing and restful.  Which goes nowhere to explaining why we both more or less slept in this morning and had to rush about to get the working week under way. Maybe we had got so much into Sunday Relaxed mode yesterday that it had carried over to Monday morning!

On Thursday evening I made a huge cauliflower and broccoli bake to use up a cauli that was beginning to look very sorry for itself.  Yesterday I made a pork and mushroom wellington.  There is lots left of both of these dishes.  I am currently reading Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's new book Love your leftovers.  I am very lucky.  I have lots and lots of leftovers to love :-) (I was simply going to freeze the leftover dishes to keep for later but have decided to be slightly more creative and combine them in one way or another - thus probably creating even more leftovers!!)

Hmmm. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get down from here

I shall have a little snooze while I think about it

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