Saturday, November 14, 2015


After the stormy weather yesterday morning, the day cleared into sunny but windy. Excellent, thought I. Very good drying weather.  And hung the washing out to flap around while we went to take some things to the charity shop.  Came back and engaged myself trying to make some "oat milk" (we have a vegan potentially coming to visit in a couple of weeks). I looked out the window. Something didn't seem quite right.  Where's the washing?  The line had snapped and the washing was disported all over the trees :-S  It was oh-so nearly dry so I hung it back on the other line and wrote "new washing line" on my shopping list.

Oat milk appear to be surpringly easy to make.  Now I need to see if it can be used to make tasty custard, using Mr Bird's egg-free custard powder.

The day went by and it was bedtime.  Up the stairs I went - and the handrail came away from the wall. Clearly I have a strength I was unaware of.  Help, I called.  HELP!  What, said The Builder, somewhat grumpily from his chair.  And eventually came to investigate, and found me stood there, holding onto the rail so it didn't pull completely away from the wall. He fixed it back, temporarily. And forgot all about it when he went  co come upstairs this morning carrying the cups of tea.  It's fixed back properly now.  I hope!

I did, however, with very considerable patience, manage to fix this to the wall

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