Saturday, November 07, 2015

Let the Birthday Celebrations Commence

… albeit a month early :-D

Freyja and Simon, mindful of the fact that we are vigorously decluttering our house and possibly therefore don't want additional Things to find homes for, bought tickets to an Off the Shelf event, featuring the Hairy Bikers for my birthday/Christmas present.

They gave us the tickets when we saw them last weekend - fortunately, we had no plans for yesterday evening an were free to go.  We don't often go out in the Sheffield city centre in the evening, and when we do it is usually planned well in advance.  All this spontaneity  was a bit disconcerting!

So The Builder came into town at about 5:30 and we went for an early dinner at Wagamama's.

Chicken katsu for me - it's becoming my regular choice.
Maybe I should be more adventurous next time!

Chicken with udon noodles and a chilli and ginger sauce for The Builde

And then we made our way up to the Octagon Centre at the University of Sheffield.  A drink in the bar, a bit of a wait in the auditorium while they ran sound checks in the theatre, and then in we went:

I had remembered to bring the tickets :-D

Waiting for them to arrive

And it was great.  The Hairy Bikers talked for about 30 minutes about their early lives and their Biker Travels and various other things. They were very funny, very entertaining and Quite Interesting.  Then they took questions from the audience for about 45 minutes. And then they went and signed books and things and we hopped on the tram and headed back to the car and thence home.

It was a great evening.  Thank you very much to Freyja and Simon for the tickets and the splendid launch to my birthday festivities.

This morning, quite early, a small truck pulled up outside our place and delivered this:

It took The Builder and me about an hour to get it all in from the driveway, out of the rain, and stacked up.  Tired now!  But wasn't it an inspired idea, all that time ago, to build what is effectively a huge wood store
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