Sunday, January 26, 2014

What to do if you have a hurty foot and cant walk far

... you go shopping, is what you do!

Ordinarily we would walk into town from the flat, but I'm not at all sure that I would have enjoyed that and, in any case, Lindsey would let me.  So Emily, Lindsey, The Builder and I all armed ourselves with Myki (Oyster) cards and took the tram.

Lindsey and Emily were on the hunt for shoes, bags and other party and not-party things.  The Builder and I were on the hunt for summer pyjamas and a jumper for him.  We have brought jumpers and cardigans with us.  I lived in and around  Melbourne for 30 years.  I know that the weather is very changeable.  Alas, I forgot to bring The Builder's jumper from Ballarat and while the temperature wasn't particularly cold - the wind was! And bizarrely in Chesterfield it is possible to buy affordable winter sleeping kit for gentlemen but it appears not to be possible to buy affordable summer sleeping gear.  So we bought summer PJs here!

Missions all accomplished, we headed off for a spot of lunch.  Souvlakis all round.  I lerv, lerv, lerv souvlakis and you can't really get them in England. Or at least not ones I am prepared to eat.

Then The Builder and I headed home and Lindsey and Emily carried on shopping.

The family continues to gather for the birthday party.  Stella and Tony have now arrived in town from Mount Martha.  So we decamped with them, Lindsey and Ian to Simon's place for an evening of pizza and wine. Ordinarily we would have walked, but ....... (Stella and Tony couldn't have walked from where they were so someone was going to have to drive anyway.)

And now it is the morning of Sunday, 26th January.  It's Australia Day.  And it is the day of the party. Matthew, Belinda, Sage and William are coming from Warragul as we speak.  we are beginning to put on our party clothes.  In preparation for an afternoon of feasting we have had a healthy and wholesome fruit salad for breakfast.  The day is set fair.  Let the party begin

Happy Australia Day. And Happy Party Day

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