Monday, January 20, 2014

Heading off to Jump Around in the Time Zones

And suddenly, it was departure day.  It snuck up on me in a way that the GWT of 2012/13 didn't. Fortunately we were, more or less, ready.

We left home at about half eleven, waving goodbye to a Marlo who had been sadly puzzled by the appearance of the long haul suitcases on Wednesday.  He knows what the suitcases signify, but usually they come out on the day we leave, or at a pinch the night before.  But he knew exactly what they meant when they came downstairs on Saturday morning!

We took the car to Tabitha and Gareth's place and then we all, Cally included, headed down to the Woodseats Palace for a pre-departure lunch.  We took the bus to the station, then The Builder and I headed by train to Manchester airport, while Tabitha, Gareth and Cally stayed at the station for a bit of train spotting.  

And then we flew to Singapore.  You can't fault Air France.  The flight was comfortable, the cabin crew was pleasant and friendly, the food was lovely and there was plenty of wine.  Oh, and the flights were on time and there was no rushing about.

And now we are at the Residence, at the Singapore Recreation Club, in the centre of the city.  We are a stones throw from the cricket club, which we can see from our room. We are round the corner from Raffles, a stroll from the Suntec Centre, another stroll from Orchard Road, and not far from the Marina.  Not a bad location!

If you look on Trip Advisor, or on the ratings on, you will find that amongst the various complaints that tetchy Westerners put up, there are complaints about the poor breakfast that is served here.  Not enough (I assume Western) choices, poor quality, poor this,  poor that.  Oh, and the Breakfast room is next to the pool and you can smell chlorine.  I have to say that I didn't notice any chlorine.  And the breakfast was magnificent.  There was cereal and fresh fruit and toast and pastries and bacon and eggs and baked beans and a whole host of Oriental breakfast options.  There is no way you could have even a tiny amount of everything that was on offer.  I was quite unadventurous is morning in my breakfast options.  I shall be less so tomorrow!

The view from our room. Not bad, is it

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