Thursday, January 23, 2014

And so to Melbourne/Ballarat

We had a lovely final day in Singapore.  The temperature was pleasantly in the mid-20s, the wind was still (apart from occasional bursts of extreme windiness!), the humidity was low and the sun shone in the afternoon.  It was a perfect day for a good walk.

So walk is what we did.  We headed upriver along the north side of the riverbank (discovering on the way that last time we were there, when we turned back and retraced our steps to get back to the pick up place for the coach - we had in fact been within five minutes stroll of the place!!!!!)  There's a promenade that ambles up along the riverside to beyond Clarke Quay. We stopped at the point where bridge building and metro station building were going on, and crossed the river and headed back to the marina along the south side of the river.  It was all very colourful and bustling but not frantic or chaotic.

We stopped at one of the eateries along the old Boat Dock for lunch.  It was extremely tasty, but I thought it was a tad on the expensive side for the portion sizes.  But it was extremely tasty - and included one of the nicest satay sauces I've had in a long while.  And then we took one of the boats that ply up and down the river for a river and marina cruise, pausing at Merlion Park properly to make the acquaintance of the Grown up and Baby Merlions.  And then, we walked the river again, but in reverse this time, pausing at Hooters (are you listening, Tabitha, Austin and Freyja?  Hooters!!!) for a glass of something appropriate.

And then we headed back to the hotel, collected our bags and made our way by taxi to the airport, in extremely good time for our 10:30 pm flight to Melbourne.

It was a good few days in Singapore.  It felt properly like a holiday.  We were very happy in the Residence at the Singapore Recreation Club and the dress codes didn't bother us (we are neither of us in the habit of wandering around public places in swimwear, nor of going into hotels in tatty track suits).  Despite the complaints of the tetchy on Trip Advisor, we enjoyed the varied choices we had for breakfast; there were some different choices each day.  And I actually went for a swim.  My bathers were astonished (they, obviously, went too - I put them on in the pool changing room, and didn't go marching through the hotel in them).  There are an astonishing number of people exercising, using the running machines and swimming at 7:00 in the morning

And now, here in Ballarat we are. Another plane, another time zone. Lindsey picked us up from the airport and we came up to Ballarat.  Lindsey and Emily have gone for a walk.  The Builder is making the frames for some new fly doors for the dining room. I am not doing anything terribly useful.

Oh - except that I have sorted out the photo album for Singapore.  You'll find it by clicking on the link below:


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