Monday, January 13, 2014

A proper winter frost

My goodness but it was cold yesterday morning. Properly, properly cold.  The thermometer said it was 1.5d. It was certainly very frosty! It was the first truly cold day of winter. We've had a few frosts but nothing quite as substantial as this:

So we took the opportunity, given that it was beautiful morning, to go down and prune the apple trees and the pear trees. We've been meaning to do it for ages - the Under Gardener has had a great deal of trouble mowing in the orchard because of low hanging branches.  So we've removed those and tidied the trees up a bit. The Bramley apple no longer hangs quite so spectacularly over into next door's garden and we can move around in there a bit better.  We need to sort out the blackberry canes and definitely do something about the nettles.  They don't seem to worry the birds - but the nettles in particular don't seem to like me very much!

We can't do anything in the garden without an audience!  What are you doing?  Why are you doing it? Is there anything in it for me?

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