Friday, January 17, 2014

RIP Udon

Goodness me, but we're getting through this batch of chooks!

Udon has been looking quite unhappy for some time.  We put it down to her unseasonable moult, making her cold, we and miserable.  Well, you would be miserable if you were outside during even a relatively mild January without proper clothes on.  But she was eating and pottering about and didn't look ill particularly.

Then she just more or less stopped, as chickens do.  Upped and died on us more or less overnight.

I'm beginning to wonder if it was the names. All of the dead chooks were called after Japanese food.  The two remaining ones are Curry (which could be from anywhere) and Dimsim (which is Australian).  It is true the ducks also have Japanese names, but we never use their names because we can't tell them apart. They're just called "The Ducks".

I think I'll call the next lot of chickens after fruit, or vegetables or something. Definitely not Japanese food, though!
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