Thursday, January 09, 2014

Back to normal. For now!

It was quite odd going back to work last Friday.  Not surprisingly, it had a distinct Monday feel to it.  On the other hand, the roads were empty, the station was practically deserted, the train had a surprising number of seats to choose from, the Learning Centre was devoid of students and almost as devoid of staff. It was all very peculiar!

What was even more peculiar, given that the day had a very Monday feel to it and I was definitely doing Monday things, was that I was also doing Friday things.  And then, when I woke up the next day - it wasn't Tuesday, but Saturday!!

Following the deep exhaustion cause by having to have a whole day back at work ( :-D ) we had a quiet and uneventful weekend, in which nothing in particular happened, we did nothing in particular and nothing in particular was noteworthy.

And now we are more or less back to normal.  Many of the students are back (although this week is a reading week, preparatory to the fortnight of exams and assessments which start on Monday, so lots of them are still at home). Pretty nearly all the staff are back. The schools are back, so the roads and trains are back to normal (fares went up again on the railways on January 2nd, but the punctuality hasn't improved all that much!!).  Workplace meetings have started up again. My Japanese classes haven't started yet but will next week. Nearly everything that we do on a weekly or regular basis is back in place.

For now.

There are only 9 sleeps to go before The Builder and I embark on our second bout of jumping around in the far distant time zones.  This one has snuck up on us rather.  I am nowhere near as ready as I was last time!!! But now that I have noticed how close it all is, I was thinking about pinching Freyja's idea of putting a countdown on Twitter with cute sleeping creatures counting the nights down. But she might have sued me for plagiarism, so I won't.  On the other hand, she and Simon have been having a mighty and merry time in Disneyland in California, so she might not have noticed. But the risk is too great  :-D

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