Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Freyja's cakes and Mark's birthday

Well, we undertook our mission of mercy for Mark’s birthday dinner on our silver stallions (disguised as Uncle John). Called at the supermarket for quorn chicken, fake mince and veggie friendly cheese Doritos then went slowly, slowly through the traffic to Meersbrook.

Fortunately, the Chesterfield Road was open again. It is possible to get to Freyja’s place by other routes, but I am not especially familiar with them. And the mapping for that warren of streets up behind the main road is not very clear (the streets are too small and too numerous to show up well on the normal map). And, of course we did not have Jenny.

As it was, however, despite the heavy traffic, we got there ready to celebrate Mark’s birthday with a cup of tea and a biscuit. And cake. And more cake. The cakes were very yummy.

Then Mark’s parents and brother came for dinner and The Builder and I (not invited for dinner :-( ) went home. Taking cakes and biscuits with us.

We gave him a red dragon for his birthday. A wooden one, with a tilted platform for it to waddle down. It’s very cute. And some veggie friendly sweeties..

And Freyja made him his very own birthday cake (chocolate and chocolate chip) in the shape of a Mario hat. It was very clever!

There was still loads of traffic on Chesterfield Road.

Uncle John’s indicator light had decided to work again, so there was no need to go hastening to the mechanic.

Mark’s birthday dinner was fajitas made with the quorn stuff. We had braised loin of pork with wild and red rice and red onions, red cabbage and sprouts

And I played the University Challenge challenge with Tabitha and Gareth’s group (we watch the show in our various residences, answer questions as we know them, then send in our tally to Tabitha). I was doing badly, really, really badly. To the point that I had decided to pretend I hadn’t been playing for the shame of such a low score. Then, in the second half there was an incredible run of questions that I knew the answer to. I came top!!!!!

We brought Jenny with us this morning. Mercifully, there were no excitements and we didn’t need her. But I really am going to get into the habit of bringing her when I get in a vehicle. No point having a Sat Nav if it is at home when you need it

Here are Freyja's cakes (they're Freyja's photos too):

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