Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another not very exciting entry

Oh boy is it raining. I went out this morning, early, to put the recycling in the box. Was wearing my sheepskin boots. Really should have put my gummies on – the courtyard was drenched. Marlo came in absolutely soaked and had to be dried down. He finished the drying process by lying on the Radio Times! We came into Sheffield in Uncle John. The A61 leading into Chesterfield was trying to pretend it was really a small river. I hope we manage to get back home again tonight!

Was wet but not torrential in Sheffield. At least the railway bridge in Heeley (near Freyja’s place) wasn’t flooded. It so often is. It is, however, still very dark outside.

And at least we are not at the mercy of Severe Weather Warnings from the Met Office. Quite a lot of the south of England is. So too are Gloucester and Tewkesbury, both of which are only just recovered from the floods last summer. The BBC weather forecast last night looked absolutely grim with heavy rain across the country accompanied by gales. Not unusual weather for January, perhaps, but it’s uncommon for it to completely obliterate Britain with heavy cloud.

The Builder is back at work, at least for the next couple of weeks. The agency he was working for when he was at the mental hospital have found him a fortnight’s work in Handsworth. Should keep the bailiffs at bay for a bit – this agency pays better than the one he usually works for! It’s also quite handy for me. He passes by the Adsetts Centre at just after half seven which is a tad on the early side but an improvement on walking, catching the bus, walking, catching the train and walking in the cold and dark and rain – and leaving at the same time as he does but arriving £8 lighter in the pocket and 20 minutes later at work. He picks me up in the evening as well :-)

We had a nice, peaceful, quiet weekend. The Builder went on Saturday morning to look at some repairs that a colleague of mine wants doing. The bodgy roof job is probably a bit big for The Builder on his own, but he will do the rest of it. Eventually. Richard also wants stuff done. So too does one of the women in his usual agency. So even if regular work doesn’t immediately appear after this job there should be little bits of things to do (plus the allotment, though it is a bit wet for digging and the allotment doesn’t pay him!). When he got back we trundled out to Chatsworth to the farm shop for supplies. I was going to buy a chicken, but the only one they had when we got there was ENORMOUS. So I bought a turkey crown instead. Probably didn’t cost much less but much more manageable for just the two of us. Sunday roast and lunchtime sandwiches for the rest of the week. That chicken would have gone on and on and on and on. I suppose I could have frozen some of the leftovers …

And so home for a quiet afternoon doing not very much.

Sunday we did a dry run into Handsworth via the Adsetts Centre to see how long it would take. Not very long at all, it seems. And back home for another restful day doing not a lot. My shoulder, elbow and wrist were much impressed by this and more or less stopped hurting. They hurt again now, though – although not so much as last week. The application of the heat pack and a hot water bottle seem to be helping. Typing, carrying and moving around the Adsetts Centre are not :-(

I bought Marlo a radiator hammock. It’s fleecy and hangs over the radiator and gets lovely and warm when the radiator is on. Marlo is *very* suspicious of it!
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