Thursday, February 07, 2008

It is really quite something to wander down to the orchard in order to hang the washing out, and to find a fox curled up in the sunshine under the apple tree. I’m not sure whether I made it jump or it made me jump the more. It certainly seemed surprised to see me. It’s been about quite a bit this last week. I’ve been at home quite a bit in the mornings (working late so going in late) and our garden seems to be part of its morning routine. We are fairly sure it’s coming in over the fence from the garden next door down the back (so not our immediate neighbours’ garden which is more of a courtyard). I assume it’s getting in there from the farm. But we’ve found the track it uses once it gets over our fence. I don’t suppose it’s doing any harm and the cat isn’t fazed by it. But it’s just as well the chickens haven’t arrived yet. The Builder will have to build them a concrete, fox-proof bunker with little windows so they can see out. No free-ranging for them!

I had my hair cut on Saturday morning. I rang the hairdresser in Nether Green – only to be told that my regular hairdresser has moved to Peterborough. Bit of a way to go, just for a haircut. So I went to the local place and had a serviceable cut for £8.50. Quite a lot less than Leslie used to charge. The Builder went into Chesterfield on the bus, making the most of his Oldie’s free bus pass. His intention was to have a haircut at the barber there and then to go and have my eco-friendly cleaning product bottles refilled at the organic food shop. He got to the barber’s shop – and it isn’t there any more. Do you think it was something we said?

After lunch we trundled down to Salisbury for a weekend’s eating, drinking and making merry. Barb, you may remember, had to have her cat Beejay put down just before Christmas. She now has two 8 month old black mischief makers in residence, so we called around on Saturday evening to meet them. And to have dinner. And, of course, to see Barb. The kitties are very cute – and very wearying. I’m so glad that Marlo doesn’t rampage around like that any more. Marlo hardly moves at all, really!

We had hoped to take The Builder’s parents to Portsmouth on Sunday to visit Jeanette, Matt, Rebecca and Evie. Alas, The Builder’s father is not in good health and didn’t feel fit to travel. He’s on antibiotics which I think are making him feel a bit queasy. And he’s only been on them a day or two and they hadn’t quite kicked in. So we went and had morning tea with them at their place instead. I have to say, the smell of the lamb shanks gently roasting in the kitchen was very tempting! But we were due in Whiteley, so off we trotted down for roast chicken and roasted vegetables. Evie has grown – as you would hope she would have done. She’s not quite 5 months old. Then – we walked to Matt’s parents’ place for afternoon tea. Mike and Rosie have moved to a house round the corner, through the woods and round another corner from Jeanette and Matt. I think Mike misses the space – they’ve moved from a small farm to a small garden. I don’t think he misses the work that having a farm entails, though! So much food! So we drove home as full as a goog. I don’t think the thought of eating ever again was particularly enticing on Sunday evening! Though I have, of course, eaten things since then.

Ooooo. I meant to tell you. I did my last observed teaching session for my PGC last week. It was a staff training event – so I had an engaged, motivated group of people who I knew would play ball. On the other hand, I also had handed myself the opportunity to make a complete idiot of myself if it all went horribly wrong, and in front of colleagues and other members of staff. And for the Built in assessment part of the session I got a merit. For the paperwork I also got a merit. But for the actual teaching itself - I got a DISTINCTION!!!!!!! I was oh-so, oh-so excited :-)

The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day. It’s actually quite warm for February. Why am I in my concrete bunker?
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