Friday, January 25, 2008

An exciting afternoon at work

My but that was exciting!

I had just saved a (finished) Word document at 4:20 yesterday afternoon, and was idly pondering whether I had time for a cup of tea before The Builder picked me up at 4:45. Suddenly, the power cut out and everything went off. Everything except the emergency lights. So glad I'd saved that document!

I looked out my window into the library proper and saw students wandering about in a bewildered sort of a way.

We wandered up to the L3 desk where lots of the staff had gathered. One of our managers came ambling down.

By 25 to 5 it was beginning to get very gloomy in the building. It was decided to evacuate it because, although we could perfectly safely around us, we couldn’t see all that clearly what was happening on the other side of the building. Can’t use the tannoy, of course. No power. So we walked the floors, asking students to leave. And they did. Without arguing. Though it was fascinating how many asked when the power would come back (I don’t know. I don’t know why it went away – though I could hazard a guess) and even why we had turned it off (We didn’t. If we had been intending to turn it off, we would have warned you).

The building cleared of students, I went, somewhat later than I had intended, to find The Builder who was patiently wondering where I was, and we headed to Waitrose and then home. Interestingly, Waitrose also had a very brief power cut while we were there. But I don't think it was me causing it all. Freyja says that they also had a couple of power cuts during the evening at her work.

Meanwhile, back at the library. The Powers That Be decided that the University would be closed down. Everyone, including the evening shift, went home. Our overnight security people were phoned and told not to come in. The last of the managers went out just after ten past five – and as he walked out all the lights came back on! Too late to reopen. Everyone had gone home. Such excitements never happen when I’m on the evening shift!!!

It was fun getting in this morning, though. Our front doors were chained shut. I had to go round and come in through the main entrance. Then our entrance doors were locked. I had to go all the way up to the staff entrance on L7 and then walk all the way down to my new office on L2. Take the lift? Are you mad? What happens if another idiot with a JCB cuts through the power cable?

The new shower is working beautifully. Much more powerful than the electric shower was. Only problem is that it takes longer to get the water temperature right.

Oh – and I’ve seen the fox. It was ambling about on Bridge Street by the ginnel between number 4 and 6. So perhaps it did come in through the gate (though there is a significant difference in vehicle and pedestrian traffic between 06:50 and 16:00. I wouldn’t be ambling on Bridge Street at 16:00 if I were a fox). It seemed a bit surprised to see Uncle John coming out of the driveway
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