Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A visit to the cinema

The Builder and I celebrated New Years Day by going to the cinema!

Yes. Really!

Some weeks ago I was heading out of the main building with Freyja when we came upon a poster for Beowulf. I muttered in passing that it was quite tempting, Beowulf being a very satisfactorily gory tale. Freyja took this to mean that I was tempted by a visit to the cinema and therefore turned down all invitations to go and see it with other people while waiting for me to decide when I wanted to see it. I, on the other hand, having merely meant that when it came out on DVD I must remember to borrow it, was giving no thought at all to going to the cinema. Freyja began to remind me. No time before Christmas. Then let's go on New Years Day. Oh, all right then. Given as how you've turned down everyone else's invitation to go and see it. The Builder is coming too. Whether he wants to or not!

So we did. Freyja had mentioned several times that it was in 3D. This wasn't entirely meaningful to me. I didn't really need to see it in 3D and don't like wearing special glasses cos I have to wear them over my regular ones and it's a bit wearing on the eyes. But oh boy, is this 3D. It's like being in the middle of it all. The number of times I nearly ducked as the arrows came flying towards me (The Builder apparently did duck!). And it's very disconcerting when somebody points a massive sword at you, about 3 cm from your nose. Oh - and it's very worrying when small children get up to go to the loo and walk straight under (or through) a monster or dragon or whatever. It was a grand film. Lots of blood and gore and chaos and mayhem, not to mention death, destruction and disaster. I am, however, astonished it got a 12 rating! I've now started reading the poem (in translation - my Anglo Saxon has never been up to much!). I have read it before, but about 30 years ago and I don't really remember the detail.

It was the very first time ever that The Builder and I have been to the cinema together. I last went , oh, must be 3.5 years ago when Tabitha, Gareth and Freyja kidnapped me and hustled me off to see Pirates of the Caribbean 1. And The Builder hasn't been since Mary Poppins was a lass. Perhaps we should go again. One day. We could go to Bradford to the Imax cinema. I went once before and saw a documentary on the Grand Canyon. I don't now need to go to the Grand Canyon. I've pretty much been!

Back at work today after very close to a fortnight off. I remembered to turn the alarm back on last night! Though as it happens it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't. I was awake at bang on half past five. Didn't get up then, though. The Builder isn't at work this week so there was no need for rushing about. Term doesn't start till next week so we are not frantically busy, but there are a few students milling about.

Marlo has discovered a new sleeping place. He has found that we have turned the little tiny radiator in the kitchen on (We didn't have it on last winter - it's been colder on and off this year). In front of the tiny radiator is the shoe rack. If he lies on my shoes he can toast his back against the radiator. My tassel hat was lying on top of the shoes this morning. He's using it as a pillow!

Sometime during December I put a stats counter on the blog. Just for fun, really. It means, amongst other things, that I can track what country and even city people who read the blog are located in. I had a play with it yesterday, just before I reset the stats for January. I wonder who I know in Darwin
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